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Haikus... Prostitution...


With the wake of the Eliot Spitzer scandal, we decided to focus a bit on the dirty side of life...

The entries:

wow, prostitution
is where the money is at
Me love you long time

oldest profession
dates back before W.B. Mason
need to change my job

Governor of state
At home, has wife and three kids
What a big dumbass

Night creatures dwelling
look for a piece of action
a girls sells herself.

Oh yeah, baby, yeah
That's the spot! Against the wall!
Near the camera


Brain is mush today
Prostitute haiku undone
Sorry Josh, next time

he slows down the car
she asks him... whattya want?
a Cleveland steamer?

Gone, with no goodbye
A hug is the penalty
All is restored
(note: she is aware that this was just a random haiku and not related to the subject above...)


spitzer paid for his
what would hilary say now
monica was free

the whorebag you are
taking money from me now
boobies boobies boobs


my name's not spitzer
i'll do you in the shitzer
but i won't get caught

see you on the street
gonna ask you for a treat
oh no, you're a dude!

like ron burgandy
go back to whore island whore
can i write a check?

I have to give today's winning drink to Doree for her "dumbass" haiku. If for no other reason, it really summed up how I personally felt about the whole situation. The guy's a dumbass. Who has the world at your fingertips and does something like this? The answer... A Dumbass. Secondly, yesterday's Haiku re: "workplace safety" was a giant bust. Only Jacky sent some in... four in total, which where all quite awesome. He probably would have won regardless but now wins by default. Next contest... Free Form! Any subject you want...Send your Haikus to Haiku @T j0shua D0T.com

PS: Jacky's Haikus were as follows:

Afternoon munchies
Ambien samples look yummy
Woke up on Sunday

Itchy little toe
What can help me subdue it?
Soldering iron!

Set current half Amp
TENS electrodes on my crotch
Who needs Viagra?

Unit wouldn't turn on
That capacitor looked hot
I had a finger


You're the governor of New York, and you can't find a 22-year-old to have sex with you *not* for money?

(testing comments...)

Woot! Comments work now!
Nobody told me they broke.
Kevin saves the day.

I am really against capital punishment, but people like this make me want to see public hangings brought back.
Here you can get into the Fairy Tale World with True Blood Season 5 DVD actors!

I am really against capital punishment, but people like this make me want to see public hangings brought back. Linda's colleague Megan join in the CBI of The Mentalist Season 5 DVD team investigate!

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