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Free Form Haikus


It was Free-Form Friday, and yes, I am late, sorry. Also, please enter some comments below on your favorites, as I hopefully have the comments fixed now and would like some of you to test them, etc.

Weekend adventure
Good friends, snow carving, hot tub
Chorizo fo sho!
(credit to Marriah for last line)

I walked right in it
Like you read about in books
Demon child enslaved

Got two haiku wins
Proving I'm better than ya'll
Chika chika yeah

I see you see me
Dreams won't fade, what can I do?
See me see you too

If you had the chance
And you could love anything
Love Guasacaca

Rabbi walks in bar...
This will be hillarious...
Laughing already...

the birds were singing
an annoying melody
so i shot them all

lying on cold tile
midnight stomach flu session
thank god for bathtubs

Jodi (yes, the 'i' has a little heart over it...)
freeform haiku blows
joshua says we have slacked
who made him master

Jean (who seems to be a day behind... is it just the Arizona time change?)
safety equipment
once at gym, never removed
guy loves his helmet

Jodi is correct.
Too much pressure with free form.
Creative we aren't.

First place is a tie this week between Jacky's Rabbi and Anisha's Birds. I was sort of thinking, wrongly clearly, that people would try to do some "real" poetry without the humor. Not sure why I thought that... all my friends are funny. The St. Patrick's Day haikus will be up shortly. Today's haiku must use Dictionary.com's word of the day:

nefarious \nuh-FAIR-ee-uhs\, adjective:
Wicked in the extreme; iniquitous.

Go for it! And send it to:


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wonderful poetry, u have talent

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