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Nefarious Haikus

Lots of entries for the Nefarious Haikus! Please vote below in the comments section! Sam A bowl of ice cream, Oh, nefarious villian! Why can't I quit you? Jeffry Nefarious Josh. Four of five squandered at once. Pick a shorter word. Linder Blind belief in it Hate, death, kill, all in it's name It's nefarious Who's nefarious? Julia roberts, that's who. It's all about meeeeeeeee! My eyes are burning Stupid pollen really sucks It's fricken nefarious Jacky (aka Boy-Jacky) You were nefarious As unlucky as I am I was precarious Wicked times are these Watch out, I may kick your balls Mua ha ha ha ha Blood drenched shirt I wear Blood taste in my mouth still lasts Chewed out my own heart Once upon a time I fell into the dark side I am Darth Weirdo Marriah We Lie Cheat and Steal He's my nefarious one So Bonnie and Clyde She's a Criminal A Vile Veracious Villain Horribly Heinous The End of Winter ones will be up soon... in the mean time... work on "Easter" theme for the next Haikus and send them to haiku @T joshua DOOT com


My vote is for Sam, for combining dessert, a nemesis, and Brokeback Mountain all in 17 syllables.

I vote for Sam, I'm quiting sweets right now and it's wicked HARD!!!

I would tend to agree.

I vote for Jacky's cause it's completely insane. :)

The children don't dvd have the best of relationships and Once Upon a Time Season 1 DVD the mom was really concerned that if it was going to be difficult when mom passed away dvd that it might strain those children's relationships.

I vote for Sam, I'm quiting sweets right now and it's wicked HARD!!!

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