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End of Winter Haikus

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The cold disappears
Life will return to my world
Sun on my face heals

I can see the end
The darkness of winter fades
Filling me with light

The Bear wakes and yawns
The light fills his once dark cave
"FOOD!" cries his Belly

Daffodil opens
Her yellow face welcomes spring
The happy bees buzz

Winter is ending
But this DAY will never end
Longest. Day. EVER.

One banana, two
bananas, three bananas,
four. End of winter.

I'm still frozen numb
Ice melts to reveal old rust
Is this winter's end?

Let there be warmth now
Let there be grass and sand now
Let there be v-ball

Light in the window
There is a crack in the sky
Time for spring, let's fly

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