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December 18, 2002

Zork is online!

Zork is online!

December 13, 2002

Interesting stuff. Google now

Interesting stuff. Google now has a shopping search service. Check it out it's called Froogle.

December 12, 2002

Oh man! Jay's Fast

Oh man! Jay's Fast Food Fever and my Pumpkin Apple Pie made the top pick for Yahoo! picks for today! Check out the Yahoo! Directory - What's New section!!!

December 7, 2002

I am in the process

I am in the process of digging up my old scrapbook that I originally published on the web about eight years ago. Here's a sample page with a very old interview of me but many of the links are broken so stay tuned for an update.


December 4, 2002

Hey, I'm trying to

Hey, I'm trying to get up higher on Google when you search for "joshua" - want to help? Click here and click the joshua.com link.

Hey! I just read

Hey! I just read that US productivity surged 5.1 percent. Were you more productive? I think I was only 4.5 percent more productive last quarter. Sorry for not doing my share and thank you to the Joshua who was 5.7% who averaged me out.

December 1, 2002

I'm a huge fan of

I'm a huge fan of SpamCop. They've totally cut down my spam to less than 5% of what is used to be. Plus, you get to report the spammers to their ISP and get them shutdown!