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January 31, 2003

Fat head?

wackyhead.gif I received some email that said I had a fat head. I thought this picture might clarify the issue.

iPod for Sale.


I am everywhere.

Well not everywhere but I still managed to find weird links from days gone by. Here's one from almost 7 years ago. Does anyone ever delete stuff on the web?

January 30, 2003

Yes I Can!

yessica.gif What's on the radio now? Check it now!

Simon Says Port Me!

stacked.jpg Simon Extreme is a the old Simon game a lot of us grew up with, ported to the Mac for OS X. It's really quite a feat and very fun to play! 5 Stars!

Was the first one called Rest Stop?

fd2_aimicon1.gif I'm sure I just missed it but I don't remember Final Destination I and now Final Destination 2 is about to be released and they're advertising up the wazoo. Did you see or even hear of the first one? Please share your thoughts!

5 More Days to be Regular.

In just five more days (as long as I visit each day...), GameFaqs.com will consider me a "Regular" user. They have this whole Karma system and you get a Karma point at the rate of one per day that the account is logged in, as long as the account has at least one active post on the message boards. It's good to be regular!


The other day I visited the offices of Harmonix and participated in some playtesting of their soon to be released game called Amplitude, a sequel to their award-winning game, FreQuency. This game, for the Playstation2, is just amazing. I first played FreQuency at E3 almost two years ago but this was a full 4+ hour experience with access to developers and product managers. Chris and I each had our own setup and we'll both definitely be on line to get this when it ships. The game is really hard to explain what it does but basically, tons of great songs are cue up and you need to hit the targets correctly on various tracks as they zoom buy to get the entire song to play. It's visually stunning and the music isn't some cheesy midi thang... it's songs from artists like David Bowie, Weezer, Garbage, and a few others that can't be discussed yet. After 4 hours, I had to stop cause my arm was aching but I am hoping to be invited back for more soon! Great work guys!

January 29, 2003

It's in the stick!

321721b.jpgSweet! 10 Classic Atari games - in the stick! Literally... the games are in a rom chip inside of the joystick and the joystick works. Games include: Asteroids, Adventure, Missile Command, Centipede, Gravitar, Yar's Revenge, Breakout, Pong, Circus Atari and Real Sports Volleyball. I'm sure the Volleyball is just as good as DOA.

January 28, 2003

Games with the Union

edamameS.jpg It's the State of the Union Drinking Game. For those who don't drink, do it with chicken wings. For those who are vegetarians, do it with edamames!

Updates Updating?

Supposedly, when I update my web site, it's supposed to show on the Moveable Type web site. Oddly, it doesn't seem to be happening. I think I'll stay up all night and try to figure it out.

Apple Flat Panels

fcescreen2.jpgOk, the Apple flat panel screens have always been awesome, both in quality and price. Now it's just quality. They've dropped the prices significantly and also added a new 20" version. Please buy me one.

January 27, 2003

Transportation Pioneers

I've recently been closely following the Transportation Pioneers on their recent success of being the first through the new tunnel connecting the Mass Pike (I-90) with the Ted Williams Tunnel, though I'm not sure they ever made it to Seattle. They were also on KISS-108 in Boston this morning. The DJ kept on making references that these guys were doing a lot of drugs so I am wondering what they looked like to cause such a reaction.


I know. I'm all over the board here. That being said, back to geek mode. I am exploring the Moveable Type plugin architecture and installed an "Uptime" plugin on my server. It's down at the bottom of the left hand column. Cool beans. Hopefully I'll explore some other ones soon. Additionally, I am almost done with my "here's what I've been listening too on iTunes" section which is done automatically. Quite cool. I'll give the full rundown on it when it's completely implemented.

January 26, 2003

Yay... The Raiders Lost!

I gotta say... I think that most of the ads were actually pretty lame. That being said, as a true Raider Hater, it was quite enjoyable watching them get their butts kicked.


What the heck is with Mellisa Rivers' lips! ICK!


newbuttons_47.jpgOk, the Matrix looks awesome but the commercials haven't been so amazing yet. I liked the Budweiser one with the zebra but I feel that they should have left out the last two lines - we knew it was a zebra and we didn't need the redundancy to state the obvious. There's definitely a lot of skin in the commercials as well and Jenifer Garner looks awesome in the upcoming Daredevil Movie. Oh yeah, the Hulk movie looks like tons of fun!

The big game!

I will be live via wireless tonight to give up-to-the-minute commentary on tonight's game - specifically the commercials! Stay tuned!


kl.jpgI am trying out a tool that let's you add/edit Moveable Type entries from a separate application called Kung-Log. Some of the appealing features include off-line editing for later posting, recent entry review and editing, and an ability to blog what's currently playing in iTunes. It's Sunday morning in NYC and we're listening to a little Nanci with our coffee. I'd give the program 4 out of 5 stars.

I wish it could handle uploading of graphics or inclusion of graphic elements - I also which it would remember where you're saving entries locally because each time you have re-locate local OS X directory. Also, I found a weird bug which I'll report: If you edit an entry and than cmd-Q to quit, it does the normal request of asking you if you want to save before you quit, but when you say yes, it quits anway. Doh! All that being said, I really like the program and want continued development and upgrades... so I'm donating!

January 25, 2003

Ouch! Who broke the net?

virus.gifYou can look on any news site today and see why much of the Internet went to a grinding halt. Ick. CNN has all the details. Of course it was a problem with Microsoft servers. Sheesh. I'm still waiting for the Linux or Mac OS virus to happen that'll cause widespread havoc like this.

Finally I can get back online.

January 24, 2003

Share without fear.

Creative Commons

My friend Steve told me about this site where you can put up original content on your site and still have your legal rights protected. I dig it.

Be There or be square?

Welcome to There.com!

Chat with your friends and meet new people through clubs (join up!) and topic listings, or hang out at the local bar. It's all in There.

This is like IRC on steroids... sign up for the beta as they're letting a ton of people in at the moment (Windows only sorry).

The Pirate Bowl!

My brother pointed out that there isn't a lot of reference to this Sunday's Super Bowl as the Pirate Bowl, as there should be. I did a bit of searching and at least found one guy's site who talks about what to do and eat at a Pirate Bowl.

The move is complete.

With no offense meant to the folks at Blogger, I have switched to Moveable Type and so far, things seem great. I need to fix the template and get the links back for email, friends, famous Joshuas, etc. and set up some cool styles as well. Any want to create a new template for me? Send me a note.

(I even got the import to work so all my old blog entries have been saved! Rockin!)

Happy Birthday Macintosh.

Did you know that the Apple Macintosh came out this day, 19 years ago? I even found the old commercial.

So I see...

I seem to have completely wiped out my previous blog with my new system so I need to:

a. redo my template
b. get up some pictures
c. dig up some of the archives and maybe re-post them.

it's an interesting point to realize that if you switch from one blogging system to another, you may lose all your previous stuff.

I guess one could just link to the previous blog manually?

I will give more details shortly as I test this over the weekend but if anyone needs to reach me in the mean time, just email me.

January 23, 2003

Ok, I'm having a wacky

Ok, I'm having a wacky day. What happened to Rena's head?


My first entry into my new blogging system! I've been having some fun setting this up and report more shortly.

January 22, 2003

Does anyone else think Rena

Does anyone else think Rena Sofer is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, or is it just me?

I finally finished this movie/documentary

I finally finished this movie/documentary I was working on for my brother's birthday. It turned out pretty well but now I need a new project. Got a screenplay for a short film that you want to see made into a movie? Send me a note!

January 21, 2003

So, here's how to get

So, here's how to get Blogger working with Safari... it turns out it actually works just fine but Blogger doesn't even bother letting it try cause it thinks it's no compatable because it's not MSFT's IE... so just turn on the Safari Debugger Hidden Menu. To do it, download the cool utilities from ScifienceStudios or just type "/Volumes/Safari\ Toolkit/Enable\ Debug\ Menu.sh" in the Terminal window. Now when you launch Safari, you will see a "Debug" menu at the end of the menu bar. Choose Debug/User Agent/Mac MSIE 5.2.2 and Blogger will think you're running IE and all will be well in the world! I don't think it's perfect (upload file in Blogger Pro seems a bit wacked) but certainly better than not working at all! Thanks to Bryan Bell for the cool graphic!

Today I am trying to

Today I am trying to get the little shortcut icon working in the URL box / bookmark area above.

I think I just figured

I think I just figured out how to get Blogger working with Apple's Safari browser. Cool! Details shortly after testing.

January 15, 2003

Finally! The new Harry

Finally! The new Harry Potter bookpublication date has been announced - look for it on June 21!

January 9, 2003

Neato! I'm at MacWorld

Neato! I'm at MacWorld Expo this week! It rocks!

I want a Burton Snowboard Jacket with iPod controls!

Details soon but check out MacNN for all the news.

January 1, 2003

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.