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February 28, 2003

Take California.

California is selling stuff on eBay to pay off their $35 billion budget shortfall. I can't wait to read some of the feedback: * Great eBay and the chicks are hot! * Product received on time but smelled like the beach. * Thanks for the sale. Do the Jews still run Hollywood? * Bad seller. They're from San Francisco so they must be gay. * How come the Tom Hanks Grammy is $1,500,000 and the Corey Feldman Gramy is $1.46?

February 27, 2003

AudioBLOGGER - Voice Blogging Arrives

audioBLOGGER is a service that provides bloggers with the ability to post audio to their blogs from any phone. Go to a blog and listen? Can you imagine hearing some of these weblogs read out loud? Also, I can't tell if these guys are owned by Blogger but they certainly have taken their look and feel. I can't imagine Google hasn't noticed. Maybe that's the idea.

MP apologizes for calling Americans 'bastards'

When I saw this headline of the article, I thought it was a piece from The Onion. It wasn't.

In the spirit of learning...

I've added the ability to put in those wonderful smilies in your comments. Just click on their faces to enjoy the fun when you add a comment. Many thanks to Lisa (aka UnixGal) for her excellent tutorial and after-hours support.

The Canon EOS-10D

It's finally official. Canon announced the 10D, the improved D60. Weird naming convention thought. Canon also announced a ton of new and upgrades to their whole digital camera line. Check out DPReview for more details. Nice stuff... and the technology machine marches on.

February 26, 2003

Torturing Ashcroft.

According to Reuters and Yahoo, Sept. 11 Suspect Moussaoui Wants to Torture Ashcroft. Dude, get in line. I think 1/2 this country feels the same way.

How to block spambots, ban spybots, and tell unwanted robots to go to hell.

DiveIntoMark.org has a really cool document on how to do this. If you get it to work, please let me know.

Random ennui.

I'm sort of out of it today so not a lot to write about. I keep hearing rumors of a new iPod (40g...) but to no avail, it still hasn't shown up. Also there's a new Canon camera coming out next week called the 10D that I'm drooling for. Yes, I'm in total consumerism overload. On another note, I'm going to Vail for a snowboarding extravaganza next week with a gang of hoodlums (hoodlum #1, hoodlum #2, hoodlum #3) so that should be a lot of fun.

February 25, 2003

Salon's Take on Joe Millionaire

Salon (.com) has a dead-on take on the Joe Millionaire finale. You have to pay to get the full story but all you really need are the first two paragraphs. Also, why didn't the interviewer ask Zora... "So now that you know Evan bonked at least 3 other women, how does it change your view of him?" Now that's a question.

February 24, 2003

Idiot TV. It's Really Over Now.

You know, any episode of Joe Millionaire where we get to hear Melissa butcher the English language, is ok with me. "Her and Evan..." Alison is still my favorite because she asked to be kicked off the show. I can't remember the exact quote but it was something along the lines of "I'd rather date a billy goat." Who is Mark L. Whalberg (sp?), other than a horrible interviewer? Seriously, how did he get that gig? The Joe Millionaire message boards are full of angry viewers. Clearly, these guys don't have their own web site. Ahh... next week you can watch Married By America. This time though, you will be alone. I want my Mondays back. I have some coding and hacking to catch up on.

Yes, I am going to watch it.

Yes, the Joe Millionaire wrap-up show will air tonight and despite my protestations, I've been told I will be watching this. I don't want to watch it but I'm being forced. Help me. Save me. Comments later.

Counter Madness!

It's madness I tell you! Riddle me this Batman... see the counters towards the bottom of the right hand column? Well on most systems, they are similar in both look and numbers... but here's the weirdness... load it up in Apple's Safari and the second counter is a completely different look and the number keeps restarting. This really boggles my brain as it's the same cgi script being called, regardless of the browser. Any ideas? I'm stumped.

Ski Area Closed due to Heavy Snow

People unclear on the concept: Israel is getting a lot of snow. The storms and heavy rains throughout Israel are expected to last at least 48 hours. In the north of the country, the Hermon ski resort was closed due to heavy snow, while in the Dead Sea, the Ein Gedi nature reserve was closed to visitors because of flood warnings.

Peace Rally Slogans.

Ok, these are awesome, regardless of your political leanings. (Fyi... I originally found these here but have pasted them into this page so that I knew they wouldn't vanish. (I found this link via Blogdom.) Some of the best signs in Washington during the peace march January 18th. Drunken frat boy drives country into ditch Bush/Cheney: Malice in Blunderland Who would Jesus bomb? War begins with 'Dubya' Bush is proof that empty warheads can be dangerous Let's bomb Texas. It has oil, too How did our oil get under their sand? If you can't pronounce it, don't bomb it Daddy, can I start the war now? 1,000 points of light and one dim bulb Sacrifice our SUVs, not our children Preemptive impeachment Look, I'll pay more for gas! He is a moron and a bully It's the stupid economy Draft Richard Perle. Draft dodgers shouldn't start wars War is sweet to those who haven't tasted it (Erasmus) Pillow fights only Our grief is not a cry for war Different Bush, same shit Stop the Bushit Just war/just oil You don't have to like Bush to love America Bushes are for pissing on Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld: the asses of evil Stop the excess of evil [gives figures for the multibillion dollar defense budget] $1 billion a day to kill people -- what a bargain Consume -- Consume -- Bomb -- Bomb -- Consume -- Consume What's the difference between me & God? He might forgive Bush, but I won't Smush Bush America, get out of the Bushes It's time to trim the Bush Pro-lifers: Wake up from Bush's propaganda spell -- war kills innocent children Don't make me come back here [to a peace rally] again Disarm Bush, too Big brother isn't coming -- he's already here Empires fall Impeach the squatters Mainstream white guys for peace Hans Blix -- look over here Let Exxon send their own troops Curious, George? -- get a clue Destroy Florida. [It could happen again] There's a terrorist behind every Bush How many bodies per mile? SUV owners roll over for terrorism We can't afford to rule the world War is so 20th century! 9-11-01: 15 Saudis, 0 Iraqis While you were watching the war, Bush was raping America Don't waive your rights while waving your flag Leave Desert Storm to the desert Drop Bush not bombs Fighting for peace is like f___ing for virginity Bush is to Christianity as Osama is to Islam I asked for universal health care and all I got was this lousy stealth bomber America's problems won't be solved in Iraq War is not a family value 2 sided poster, one side with a picture of a chubby feline, with the words: GOOD FAT CAT other side has a picture of Cheney, with the words: BAD FAT CAT Colorfully dressed drag queen carrying a sign that says: I am the bomb Picture of the peace symbol: back by popular demand A picture of Bush with a red-stained upper lip: Got blood? A picture of Bush saying "Why should I care what the American people think? They didn't vote for me." A picture of Bush saying "Ask me about my lobotomy." Beneath a picture of Osama bin Laden dressed as Uncle Sam: I want YOU to bomb Iraq Beneath a picture of a menacing soldier pointing his rifle/bayonet toward the viewer: Say it! One Nation under God. Say it! Bush does for Christianity what Bin Laden does for Islam War Is A Dick Thing, Peace Is A Heart Thing Draft The Bush Twins Don't Mess With Mesopotamia When Bush Comes To Shove Brains Not Bombs George Dubya: Weapon Of Mass Distraction Beat The Bushes For Peace Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Look Under The Bushes Evolve! Work For A Non-violent Future If War Is The Answer, We're Asking The Wrong Question Killing Innocent People Is The Problem, Not The Solution Save America, Spare Iraq, Make Texas Take Him Back Real Patriots Drive Hybrids Small Print For Peace (on a teensy card held aloft on a stick like any large sign) Drop Names, Not Bombs Stop Mad Cowboy Disease George Bush Couldn't Run A Laundromat Bush Is A Servant Of Sauron. We Hates Him! There Is No Path To Peace - Peace IS The Path Justice Or Just Us? Sorry Dubya - Have A Pretzel Instead Pretzel - It Does A Country Good Tame The Tyrant In The Mirror, Then The One In Iraq Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld: Axis Of Weasel Go Solar, Not Ballistic Faster Trains Not Planes Nonviolence, Not Nonexistence A Village In Texas Has Lost Its Idiot How Many Lives Per Gallon? Make Alternative Energy Not War How Did Our Oil Get Under Their Soil? Out Beyond Ideas Of Right Doing And Wrong Doing There Is A Field. I Will Meet You There. - Rumi Regime Change Begins At Home More MPGs, Less MIAs Put The Peace Back In No Hitting (held by young girl) No Oilgarchy (Oilgarchy in circle with slash across it) God Does Not Bless Only America Rich Man's War Poor Man's Blood Has Anyone Seen Our Constitution Lately? What If God Blesses Iraq? Born To Kill, Born To Drill Let's Try Preemptive Peace Our Grief Is Not A Cry For War Books Not Bombs If You Are Not Outraged You Are Not Paying Attention Bush Is A Moron Don't Let Him Get His War On Make Soup Not War Honk If You're A Terrorist Smart Bombs Don't Justify Dumb Leaders We Have Guided Missiles And Misguided Men Who's The Unelected Tyrant With The Bomb? Peaceful Solution Not Daddy's Retribution Make Tea Not War All Humanity Is Downwind My President Is A Psychopath Relax, George Fight Plaque, not Iraq (and the guy was carrying a toothbrush)

February 23, 2003

Grammy Recap

Comments on tonight's Grammy Awards... in the order they came to me: Opening performance by Simon and Garfunkel: Absolutely awesome. I wasn't even going to watch this show but this performance totally got me hooked. Yes, I'm old-old-school, whatever. 7-Up Guy? Who are you, and please shut up. Willie Nelson / H&R Block Advertisement: Yes it was already on the Superbowl but it was still great. "My face is burning!" Is Paul Schaefer trying to be the next Liberace? [Apparently many years ago I was kind of a doofus. Apologies.] Can someone please teach these guys how to handle sound equipment or is the audience just amazingly rude? You could hear them talking constantly during the presenters' speeches. Also, during Robin Williams' ridiculously self-absorbed introduction of Bruce, there was an amazing grounding hum buzzing through the sound. Nice. James Taylor and Yo Yo Ma: Awesome. They should tour together. I haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding yet but I did buy the DVD and plan on watching it this week. However, that TV show based on the movie looks absolutely idiotic. If the movie is anything like that TV show, I'm going to be significantly disappointed. Word of the week: Fred Durst of Limp Biscuit: "We're all in agreeance here." Ashanti: Hot but horrible. When Eminem was performing, could the crowd be any more comatose? Aretha Franklin and Harvey Fierstein : Twins? Norah Jones kicking Eminem's ass in all the awards. (Great album by the way.) Awesome. Don't get me wrong, I think Eminem's album and music is great. I just think the concept of him in the same category, let alone winning, is really funny. How many did she actually win, like 37 Grammys? Did you know that it's actually spelled Grammys and not Grammies? Is that bad Grammy grammar, grandma? Alicia Keys: I think this will be the last time we ever hear from her. Ok, I'm bored. Honestly, I wish there were more war commentary, either pro or con from the musicians. This industry has gotten so ridiculously sanitized and corporate. Show a little bit of something other than skin. (Don't stop showing skin of course.) Clash Tribute: Amazing. Of course it's always great to hear Elvis and Bruce together.

Dave Barry has a Blog?

Did anyone else know this? I didn't till I read it on Kermit The Blog today. Check it Dave's blog. It's pretty cool except he's using Blogger and I've got to say, I'm getting a bit biased now that I've used both Blogger and MT extensively, but enough about that. Dave and KTB both had a link to a Japanese site that I can't tell if it's a advertisement, a comic book, or some weird Japanese cult.

Kung Log.

I am quickly gravitating to using KungLog almost exclusively for my web posting now. It's quite nice and the author is on a tear with new updates and features. Check it out if you use Moveable Type and the Macintosh.

February 22, 2003

In the every domain is taken department...

i want a pony.

The Scriptygoddess site.

The Scriptygoddess site never fails to impress me. Today I learned about some wonderful Photoshop tutorials, how to implement Smilies in your blog, and a great font resource for freebies on the web. And those were only today's first three entries. Great work.


weemee.jpg I made a WeeMee on Saw-You.com. I can't really figure out what this site is about but to be fair, I didn't really even read it. I just made a WeeMee of myself. Apparently you will eventually be able to use these little guys on your cell phone. I had to go to my Windows machine to use this as the site wouldn't work on Safari on the Mac.


let sleeping fish lie Clearly I've been under a rock for the last few days and missed the Department of Homeland Security's Ready.gov website. They have some fascinating guides on what do in case of a nuclear blast or a chemical threat. Apparently, you're supposed to avoid sleeping fish. Of course this has spawned some wonderful parodies. My favorite is at IdleWords. If deadly radiation knocks on your door, do not answer.

February 21, 2003

Unsupported Technology.

So AOL totally munged my IM and says my password is invalid. We already know that but for added fun they can't seem to send me a new password. It just never shows up in email. It's like my account just vanished into thin air. Although this happened a few years ago to me and then clearled up, a day or so later, we're not seeing anything like that now. When you have 125+ users on your list, this actually becomes quite a problem if you've been using this as a constant form of communication. Calling AOL is useless. "It's a totally automated support product. There is no one to talk to about it." Ever. And don't think that emailing will work. It won't. There's no one to email to. "It's a totally automated support product." Good times.

And then to add insult to injury, my Eurdora mail program corrupted my In Box. 1247 messages no completely unretrievable. Can you say who's the dope for not backing up? Good times.

So to counter all of this technological bad karma, had to get something done to counteract it all, so I set up a new MT weblog for Laquidara.

February 19, 2003

My AOL IM is mussed!

My AOL Instant Messenger account is totally mussed up. It's telling me my pw doesn't work but it's been the same one for two+ years. Anyway, if you're trying to reach me, my temporary account name is my old IM name + "OnWindows" so if my old account was "Joshua" the new one would be "JoshuaOnWindows".

February 18, 2003

Look, I'm funny.

Find Joshua on this page. You know, I don't even know if I made that up. I think it may have been a forwarded joke back before everyone and their grandmothers had email. Who knows.

February 17, 2003

Idiot TV Continued

So I watched the "finale" of Joe Millionaire tonight. I'm going to call myself Joshua Millionaire for a day or two in celebration of the show ending and getting my Tuesday night back. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm really a construction worker and I make only $19,000 a year. If you're on the West Coast, don't read any further if you're planning on watching it. Comments, in no particular order: a. I'm glad it's over. b. Wait, it's not over, there's another show next week that with an interview with Zora and Evan, the first time they're since they left the show. Does that make any sense? Do they hate each other already? How is it they haven't seen each other since the end of the show? c. He made to correct choice but Sarah is definitely the hotter one. My prediction, Sarah, more than even Evan, will strike it big from that show. How long till the Girls of Joe Millionaire show up in the pages of Playboy... 4 months.. tops. d. This one has been bugging me for weeks: What kind of construction worker makes only $19,000 a year? Seriously, they make a lot of money. Sure, it's not millions unless you're a general contractor but something has to be wrong with you if you only make $19k a year. Plumbers, painters, electricians, framers, demolition specialists, etc. all make more money that $19k a year. Am I totally off here? Please, let me know. e. The first hour was a complete waste. Once again, thank you Tivo. I love you. f. Cynthia says that ring is too small. g. Finally, what does it really mean to be chosen if they didn't know they were going to get a million bucks to split? Seriously. If Zora turns out not to be the one, why couldn't Evan call any of them. Also, isn't Zora going to have a bit of a tizzy when she sees that Evan did the nasty with a number of the other women? The show was annoying. I'm not going to watch the stupid interview next week either.

I like monkeys too.

I Like Monkeys. Read this. It's funny.

Moveable Type's Comments on the Google / Blogger Deal

Mena Trott has an interesting entry on the acquisition of Pyra/Blogger and what they might be doing with it. One can't help but wonder how soon MT will be approached, let alone bought. Their product is better, hands down. But they just don't offer the hosting - hence a much smaller user base. I can't imagine that Yahoo, Amazon, or even eBay, couldn't snarf them up and take care of the hosting issues in a matter of weeks.

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1996.

Every once in a while, I am reminded about a site I haven't gone to in years. This time it's web.archive.org where you can load up the history of a web site as far back as 1996. My old company, Natural Intelligence, is there with the site designed by Jay Brewer. He and I were just IM'ing and commented on how this one still looks like it could be current. Cool stuff.

My computer made me sick.

So I've had this really bad cough so I got a prescription of Acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) and Codeine. It made my feel a bit oogly but when things started to get really weird was when I tried to use my computer. Something about looking at the screen for more than five minutes totally turned my stomach upside down and I ran into the bathroom and almost hurled. At first when it happened, I didn't think it was the computer, so I just laid down for a while and let my stomach settle. Then an hour later I went back to the Mac to try to update my site and boom, it happened again. Lesson learned: Codeine and computers don't mix.

February 16, 2003

Found Some Dell Dude Gear

If you dig deep enough on the Dell site, you can find a Dell Dude T-Shirt in all the normal sizes.

Google Bloogle

Google is buying Pyra, the Blogger people. Apparently the whole world knows this already but I didn't.

More Windows: Constant Status Bar in IE 6

Apparently I'm not the only one who's been bugged by the status bar in IE6 with XP constantly vanishing, despite turning it on again and again. Richard at MoveableBLOG found this tip on Google on how to Always Display IE6 Status Bar.

Disabling the Internal Windows Messaging Service

Using a Windows box? Ever get pop-ups even though you don't even have a browser window? It's not spy ware. It's a internal Windows Messaging Service and it's really annoying. Disabling the Internal Windows Messaging Service explains how to get rid of it.

February 15, 2003

Judi's First Trackback.

[Not-MT'ers, feel free to ignore this.]

I saw that a fellow MT Blogger never had anyone trackback to any of her messages. Well now she has. Congrats. Nice site by the way!

I found Kevin.

In a bizarre coincidence, when I started learning about Moveable Type, one thing that really drew me too it was when I realized how extensible it was. It had tons of options and a huge based of plugins developed by the MT community. One of the authors I found on the list is none other than Kevin Shay. I've known Kevin since he was around 13 years old and had just gone to a party for him only days before. Oh, the irony. Anyway, the plugins he's written consist of: Strip Tags, Compare, LastModified, Glue, FirstNWords, FilterCategories, DropCap, DateTags and Columnize. If you use *MT*, or are thinking about it, these are some great examples of its flexibility. I was a dope and didn't check my links. Bad Joshua. Bad.

I like this hack.

I wish it were for the mac.
But it's for the PC.
Dear me. Dear me.

MT Plugin Directory has a new home.

The Moveable Type Plugin Directory has a new home. There are some pretty interesting plugins that just showed up, including MoveableJive and Textile.

My Nyquil Wore Off.

It's twenty-five to two in the morning. My Nyquil wore off so I took another shot and am waiting for it to kick in so I can go back to sleep. I forgot how bad this stuff tastes. But get the original flavor and imagine you're taking a shot of Ouzo, it's not as bad.

February 14, 2003


The highly trained PerversionTracker staff locates the very worst of Mac software. We search the web for 15 minutes a day so you don?t have to!

My Brother Google.

Someone (some people I guess) seem to think that Google knows a bit too much and is something to be concerned about.

February 13, 2003

Moveable Type Pro

Moveable Type Pro is going to ship this summer. Interesting stuff with a pay-for model.

So close and yet, Safari

Maybe I'm just lucky (er... unlucky) but the new version of Apple's Safari that came out yesterday, seems less stable than before. Within 3 hours of install, I found a blog that crashes it, and many sites have their tables all wacky with it. I really can't go back to IE. Don't make me go back in the box!

Toy Stories

toystory.jpg I have had the pleasure of watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2 about (without exageration) 23 times in the last 7 days. Do the math. It's a lot. Now I would imagine that with any movie, animated or not, one might get ill from watching it this many times. _That being said, I find it amazing that I still enjoy watching them._ Don't get me wrong, I am not choosing to watch these ad infinitum but there is a person near and dear to me who has not been feeling well - some wildly exciting fevers, etc. - and he keeps asking for these movies. What suprises me is that every time I watch them, I find new things that I realize are really funny, amazingly detailed, stunningly clever, or just plain brilliant. I would say that these two movies are probably as close to perfect as you can get. From the writing, to the animation, to the lighting and reflections. The quality is so subtle that you don't even notice it. It just feels so real on all levels. After showing #15, I think I began to just look for all the hidden jokes. If you haven't seen them, you're really missing out on something. If you haven't seen them recently, go watch them again. Oh, and I just found out that after March 31, Disney / Pixar is pulling them off the shelf for good (like they do with all their titles, oddly enough). If you're a fan (or not) of these movies, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

February 12, 2003

The LeBron Lottery

If you don't follow the NBA even in the slightest, ignore this post. ESPN put together a Flash site that runs a simulation of the NBA lottery. I thought it was some cool technology.

Small Fry Studios!

My friend Jay has started a new company with our friend Russ called Small Fry Studios. Their new site rocks and has lots of hidden features. Check it out and let me know what you think!

New Safari out for the Mac.

Hey OS X geeks, there's a new Safari beta out for the Macintosh.

The Women of Baywatch.

We now take a time out from the regular joshua.com blog for a bit of pure gratuitous babe watching. (Hey, I called them women!)

Presenting, The Women of Baywatch. Yowie.

Dell Dude Gear

It seems that you can still get Deal Dude Gear via the Dell site. I wonder how long this is... [Joshua.com]
Update: They removed this too. Damn. Those backpacks are probably worth hundreds on ebay now.

February 11, 2003


I'm not sure how I missed this before but LaunchBar is my newest and probably most used utility I have on my Mac. If you use the Mac, get this and you'll never touch you mouse again. Well, not as much.

February 10, 2003

What a waste.

If you're on the West Coast - save yourself and skip Joe Millionaire tonight. Fox TV, you suck. I can't believe I just wasted 45 minutes (thank you Tivo) watching a 're-cap episode' of Joe Millionaire when you told us it would be decided tonight. First of all the show was boring except that Evan clearly got a LOT of special loving in the woods from Sarah. And next week? Two hours of that drivel? Please. Time to fast forward to the end next Tuesday morning.

More on the Dude Bust.

Yahoo is covering the pot bust of the Dell Dude as well.

Dude... you're getting a record.

From FoxNews: "Benjamin Curtis, better known as "Steven," the Dell Computer pitchman, was arrested Sunday night for marijuana possession, a misdemeanor, according to New York City police." Why I find this really funny is just yesterday, USA Today wrote an article on how he's loveable. Curtis says his alter ego is more with it than Penn's pot-smoking Jeff Spicoli character. "He's not a slacker. He's more cunning." Cunning. There story was originally broke on The Smoking Gun.

Post from NetNewsWire

I am trying out the posting feature of NetNewsWire Pro today. It seems to have some possibilities but needs uploading of graphics. That being said, it looks like a great start and the custom tags are pretty nice. If you want to subscribe to this site for NetNewsWire - the Lite or Pro versions - use this url: http://www.joshua.com/index.xml - enjoy!

New iPod?

There are lots of rumors floating around about a new 40g iPod coming out this week... maybe even today. I'll keep you posted as I plan on getting one. :-) Even the Apple Store is being updated.

Update: Dang. Just some new xServes. Not bad but not the new iPod.

February 9, 2003

Be Funny!

So I watched Inside the Actors Studio with cast of The Simpsons tonight on Bravo and I must say, the whole experience was a bit lacking for a number of reasons I will now detail.

1. James Lipton. Can this guy be any less talented? Maybe I'm missing something since I've never seen any other one of his shows but he has got to be the worst interviewer I've ever seen. Let me play it out:
JL: Asks inane question so that actor can do a voice impersonation.
Actor: Responds.
JL: Asks a completly different question from a clearly prepared list, completely ignoring any specifics in response from the actor.
Lather, Rinse, Repeat for 45 minutes.

If you want to hear what a real interview should sound like, listen to Terry Gross on NRP. I would have liked to gotten to know the actors a bit better as a whole and a little less of them doing their schtick.

2. Why did the the actor of the voice of Marge Simpson and her sisters, Julie Kavner just vanish halfway through the show, without any comment about it? That was creepy.

3. Did they really bleep the word fart? Oh no! They said fart! Sheild your ears kiddies!

4. I was glad they gave, albeit a bit short, the kudos to the writers who clearly make the show what it is.

5. Why was there no mention of the voice of Mrs. Krabappel or any of the work done by the late great Phil Hartman. Ok, he's dead and the show doesn't focus on the dead people but Marcia Wallace has been doing the show forever.

6. Did I mention that this Lipton Fellow is a complete putz of was clearly all stary-eyed at mere sight of his guests.

All of that being said, as a whole I found the show pleasant to watch. Nothing more or less. But to add insult to injury, my Tivo flipped out on me and taped a really old episode of The Sopranos instead of the new Simpsons so I didn't get that taped. Oh Tivo, how have I wronged you?

I'd love to hear comments from others who watched this show.

What a tool!

Wired News: Public-Computer Users Beware. This guy at Boston College installed a keyboard monitoring tool on more than 100 machines at BC and then sat back and collected the data. He got busted when he stole around $2000 using the info. If you're going to do something like that, shouldn't you make it worth it and not do it for only $2000?

February 8, 2003

Inside the Actors Studio with the Simpsons

BravoTV: Inside the Actors Studio has the cast of The Simpsons on tomorrow night at 8pm. Yes, I will be watching. Ironically, it's on the same time as The Simpsons. Isn't that a bit odd? Yes, yes it is.

In the useless info category.

I just made it to 100 Positive Feedbacks on Ebay and got myself a Turquoise Star! Drinks are on me.

February 7, 2003


I know I'm a bit of a bloggie newbie and some of these things just wow me, but there are so many cool little add-ons. Now you can subscribe to the joshua.com site and get updates via email. It looks like it's working. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Enter your email address below to subscribe to joshua.com!

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Would you like a "yourname @joshua.com" email? Do you run a blog? If so, just link to me on your blog page and send me a note and I'll set up a mail account with yourname @joshua.com to forward to your regular email address (as long as it's not taken...)

Let me know.

Blog Roll Me!

I just added the Blogroll Me link in side bar near the bottom. I was bored and thought the code was cool. Are you a Blogroller? Try it!

February 6, 2003

Charles is blogging!

My old friend Charles Laquidara is blogging now. It's about time. He's got a lot to say and the email was killing me.

February 5, 2003

That ain't my bag baby!

gwbag.jpg Oh wait, that is my bag. My friend owns and runs a printing and embroidery company and I visited him today. He made my camera / computer bag look sweet! Maurice, you rock! Steve, yours is next.

Tivo Video Extraction with OS X

The tech hour continues...An article on Extracting video from a TiVo Series 1 with Mac OS X is up and looks pretty straightforward. I think this will be this weekend's project.

HD Componet Switcher.

tnVS8HCA.jpg Welcome to Uber-techie hour! This wonderful little box from Latency Zero will "Maximize video quality and convenience in your home theater by connecting all of your component video devices with one product!" It lets you connect up to 8 component video sources (including their digital audio output with those cool optical cables) to your HDTV or projector. Now you use your progressive scan DVD player, HDTV receiver, satellite receiver, game console, and other cool stuff. Sweet!


6_5.jpg Steve and I were IMing and I spelled foam as 'phoam' as a joke. (Now that's humor.) Of course I had to check if the domain existed. It's a group of inventors, physicists, musicians, artists, programmers, and hot-shot polka accordianists. Are these guys even still around? The web site is 2 years old.

February 4, 2003

Linux on your iPod!

Linux on iPod is now available! Sweet fancy moses!

Lights... Camera...

8.jpg Steve loaned me his lighting kit for the week. It's pretty sweet! If you need to know how to install a lightbulb in a Tota light kit, check out his instructional page. It's really quite cool. Now all I need is some subject matter.

Idiot TV is Addicting.

melissa.jpg I like watching Joe Millionaire. Ok, maybe I'm a little ashamed but it's really quite fun idiotic TV. I'm quite pysched that Mellisa is out. (Hope you didn't just read this on the west coast.) She was clearly really an idiot and selfish and even a bitch.. Evan isn't an Ivy League grad clearly, but Mellisa can't really speak the language. Last week she said she wanted to go feed starving children if she had a lot of money cause she was a "mercenary" at heart. Awesome! Even better, Evan didn't even notice.

mer�ce�nar�y - Motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain.

I think she meant missionary (one who is sent on a mission, especially one sent to do religious or charitable work in a territory or foreign country) but I think she was more on the target originally.

This week she said she enjoyed when the "sun setted."

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Coming soon... Joshua on Sarah!

February 3, 2003

For those not really in love I guess.

You've never been one to impress the ladies and as Valentine's Day fast approaches you've sunk into a deep depression over how to make that chick you stare at every day at the bus stop notice you. Well, Easy Midget has the answer: The Bloody Nose Rose!

In the "Don't Need but Want" Department

B00006HZ0L.01.TZZZZZZZ.jpg Ok, I don't need a wireless mouse but I really sorta kinda want one. This one from Logitech seems to have the final missing piece - a recharging base station - while still being an optical mouse. Anyone have any experience with this product?


I seem to have completed the Blogrolling implementation with just a tad of help from my friend Chris. Thanks Chris! (If you're trying to set up Blog Rolling and PHP, feel free to drop me a line and click on the "Email Joshua" link on the side.


I am trying in implement Blogrolling using their PHP code and it's not working. Well, it's not giving an error, it's just not doing anything. I need to figure out how to get a snippet of PHP code to work within a bit HTML file. Any ideas?

February 2, 2003

Boston Globe Article about Google.

Not sure how long this one will last on-line but there's a pretty interesting article in today's Boston Globe about how easy it is to dig up information on someone via Google.

Server / DNS Issues Resolved.

hostedbyawh1.gif If you saw some weird messages today, ignore em. All is well. Thanks to Ronnie at AlwaysWebHosting.com for amazing support, again and again.

February 1, 2003

Pink Cookie

Big Pink Cookie - Taking the Blah out of the Blog


cd20banner-rnd.gifAnyone remember this? Apparently I said a bunch of good things about it and Apple quoted me in their brochure.

Drunk Magee.

An oldie but a goodie! Remember Drunk Magee? I do. Don't ever forget about Drunk Magee!


elmo.jpg So I'm watching Elmo's World (awesome effects!) and I notice that Elmo is left-handed. I'm left-handed and I found it interesting that they would actually go so far as to make a puppet a lefty as well. I wonder if the created is a lefty. Any other famous lefties out there we should be aware of?