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April 30, 2003

Happy Birthday Mosaic!

Nice article in Wired on the 10 year anniversary of the program that kicked it all off, Mosaic.

April 28, 2003

New iPod!

The new iPod ships!

Do not call!

I signed up for the Massachusetts Goverment's Do Not Call list. I hope it works. In the mean time, Verizon's Call-Intercept is working wonders.

April 25, 2003

Oh Sadammy...

See George and George in a little southern knee-slappin' ho-down, y'all!

The life of Weebl.

There are few things in life that leave me speechless. The everyday happenings of weebl is definitely one of them. Thanks to Jay for the tip.

Do You Feel Lucky?

lucky_boy.jpg Adam Pennyman, is looking for Lucky Wander Boy, an epic videogame that seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. via [ boing boing ]

It's Not Like Were Making Money Here!

golden_dollar.jpg Oh wait, we are making money. So let me get this straight, the US Goverment makes money on printing presses and coin making machines. Then they send it out to banks and also use it to pay people. How can they keep printing money like this? I remember from my Economics class in college that the money supply is based on trust. Trust that if you give someone a dollar. they'll give you something of value in return. What's happening in Iraq right now? I wouldn't exactly trust those Baghdad dollars. I would trust some of those hundreds of millions of US dollars the soldiers found hidden in some false walls though. I guess they even trusted those US dollars so much that they decided to stash some away for themselves. Later they decided to give it back. So now the government has an interesting idea. They'll sell you some new money all packaged up in nice rolls for a premium. You can get a 25-Coin Roll of 2003 Golden Dollars with Philadelphia Mintmark for only $35.50! That's a $10 premium. If this excites you, take a look at the 2,000-Coin bag for $2,195!

April 24, 2003

Welcome Steve.

Steve has been a long time fan (first time caller?) of Joshua.com and will be occasionally contributing to this site. Let's all give Steve a big round of applause as we welcome him to this site.

Don't Touch The Stove On The Sabbath!

It's the GE Profile Built-In Wall Oven with Sabbath mode. "Keeps cooked foods warm on the Jewish Sabbath or holidays in accordance with kosher law." Oy! Such a deal!

The "Offical" Iraqi Most-Wanted Playing Cards...

Joshua.com fan (yes, I said fan) Ken Gaebler sent this link in to Joshua.com HQ regarding how many "Officially Licensed" Iraqi 'Most-Wanted' Deck of Playing Cards have been sold. These are the real ones sold by The US Playing Card Company. Thanks Ken!

April 22, 2003

Um, gross?

Iraqi Shiite pilgrims slash open their heads with swords as they march and chant in front of Imam Hussein Shrine in Karbala, Iraq. "During the rule of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, such rituals were banned." I guess only Saddam himself was allowed to perform bloodletting on his citizens. Ick.

April 19, 2003


I love them! I do! 50 years of marshmallow peeps!

Scan me baby!

It really works! I used Naked Software's Barcode Generator!

April 17, 2003

Amazing Honda Accord Advertisement / Movie.

Check out this movie from the Honda website. I could watch this about 10 times. (I'm currently up my third.) Thanks Cotton!

April 16, 2003

All natural Cheetos?

Doesn't that seem like an oxymoron? That being said, these things are awesome... and less finger residue! They taste better in my humble opinion, and are less salty. I found them at my local supermarket. About time Frito-Lay got off its ass and started providing products without useless flavors, colors, and preservatives. They also had natural Tostitos and some other products. Didn't see all-natural Doritos. That would probably push the envelope. Try 'em!

Escher meets Lego... and more!

From my bud Scott: This fellow has created Lego versions of some of Escher's paintings, as well as Lego models of mathematical structures such as Moebius strips and knots.

April 15, 2003

Tax Day!

Do your taxes! Or file an extension! Or both!

April 13, 2003

Inappropriately placed non-removable stickers.

So I bought one of those mini-organizers for screws, nuts, bolts, cable enders, etc. and the company that made it put a huge sticker right over the front of it. Wouldn't you think that sticker, which covers up the entire face of the organizer so you can see what's inside each compartment, would be easily removable? Yes? No. I just spent 20 minutes in the kitchen sink scrubbing it down w/ hot water and peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter. Rub it on the sticker residue and the gunk comes off. The cheaper the peanut butter, the better. I used Jiff.

Today's update and plans.

1. Get one of those cool mini-draw tool chests from Lowes.
2. Install ethernet upgrade to Tivo.
3. Wire and install ethernet wall jacks and in livingroom for Tivo access.
4. Come to grips that our phone won't be working till Tuesday.
5. Get a cable for my Mac to hook up to the stereo system so we can listen to music in the kitchen.
6. Accept visitors such as Jay and Maya, and Steve, or anyone else who wants to visit.

April 12, 2003


1. Mac set up.
2. One of two phone lines working.
3. Printer hooked up and printing.
4. One of two toilets working.
5. Hot and cold running water.
6. Patch panel installed and operational.
7. Cable modem and router installed and operational.
8. Nail gun blazing loudly.
9. No ponies in site.

April 11, 2003


In the boring entry department... I've moved. Cable modem is running with wonderful speed. Still no phone service. I don't know where my router is, let alone my underwear. I think there are 134 unopened boxes. Come over and visit. There's lots of beer in the fridge!

April 10, 2003


We're finally moving! YAY! Now if I can only figure out which box my mouse is in. The movers arrive at 8am. More updates as I begin to unpack tomorrow night.

April 9, 2003

Boston Common

I like Boston-Online's Boston Common section. They provide interesting write ups of Boston area blogs, such as this one. Thanks for the shoutout!

Afternoon Tea in Space.

Thanks for Mike W. for pointing out the NASA picture of the day of Afternoon Tea in Space.

Thank you PBS.

Finally, after almost two years of the same 40 or so episodes of Sesame Street, they have finally come out with some new episodes. In today's exciting installment, "Elmo falls in love with Gina and wants to marry her, but Gina explains that 3-year-olds do not marry adults; First Lady Laura Bush talks about literacy." I thought that maybe with the untimely death of Mr. Noodle last week, and the death of the original Gordon last august, I thought maybe I was stuck in repeat-land for the rest of my Sesame Street viewing life, but alas, all is better. Let's hope they keep the new ones rolling in. :-)

April 7, 2003

The Dullest Blog In the World.

And damn proud of it. Check it out.

April 5, 2003

I got a new GameBoy SP!

Per Jay's recommendation / insistence, I went out and traded in my regular GameBoy Advance for a GameBoy SP. It's great and finally makes a lot of games actually playable thanks to the new back-lit display. I have finally started playing Castlevania: Circle of Moon again (it's been in my drawer for over a year) and it's wonderful to actually be able to see the screen. Now if I could only figure out what to do next. I'm totally stuck (see above) as I can't figure out where I should be going next... help!

April 4, 2003

A rat's in the kitchen... what am I gonna do?

This is just too gross. A kitchen worker hits a water rat on the head to stun it before it is killed for a meal in a restaurent in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou

Great video.

Found this video entitled Gay Boyfriend. Amazing work done on an $1800 budget.

April 2, 2003

Microsoft going after Google.

It's the clash of the titans... oh wait, MSFT doesn't have a real search engine yet but they do consider Google a competitor.

Boredom strikes the blogger.

So I pulled out my old Logitech PC Webcam and found a driver for it for Mac OS X. Good times.

April 1, 2003

End of an era.

Joshua.com will cease to publish for the time being. Thanks for reading. April fools! Oh damn, I'm funny! For something really funny, check out TopFive's Fifty Amazing-but-True Facts, the latest issue of The Onion, or some hilarious writing by the likes of Kevin Shay.