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November 26, 2003


holding_hands.jpg I always knew that mittens were warmer than gloves. Now Smittens are warmer than mittens! via [ Jaggle ]

November 25, 2003

The Burton Amp Pack

No better marketing description was ever written: No – it can’t make you fly, land a 720 or help you disappear when the music pirate police start banging on your door, but it does let you switch songs on your iPodâ„¢ just by pressing a button on the shoulder strap. Introducing the first backpack in the world that not only carries your iPod but controls it too. The Burton Amp Pack integrates an iPod control system using SOFTswitchâ„¢ technology, which allows the iPod to be controlled through a soft, flexible control pad built into the pack’s shoulder strap. Constructed with super durable ballistic nylon, the Amp Pack features a secure iPod storage pocket, a headphone port located on the shoulder strap, an easy-access side entry laptop compartment and padded ergonomic shoulder straps for ultimate comfort. Whether you’re running to catch a flight, riding the subway or lugging your shit into the lodge, the Amp Pack makes it super simple to flip through your illegally downloaded music library.

November 19, 2003

20" iMac

Presenting the new 20-inch iMac. I now feel 36% less cool.

Wow! Bob the Builder sent me email!

Subject: hello i am bob the builder From: bob@bob.com Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:03:35 -0500 bob bob@bob.com hello i am bob the builder i think you stink

November 11, 2003

Getting Blog Spam?

People entering "comments" which are really spam on blogs is becoming a huge problem... Or was... thanks to Jay Allen, there is now a way to combat it.

November 8, 2003

Hillbilly Whack!

If you're looking for some old school style gaming in the new millennium, check out Small Fry Studio's HillBilly Whack!

November 3, 2003

Get in the Ring.

After you die and are cremated, your loved ones can have a couple of grams of your remains "incorporated for eternity within the molecular and atomic structure of a diamond," courtesy of Memorial Gems, Inc. Um, how exactly is that "the natural choice"?

November 2, 2003

Odd FedEx Routing.

I live in Massachusetts, in case that wasn't clear. I have a package being delivered to me via Fedex. The tracking information led me to believe that it was going to show up a few days early since it was in Boston early Friday evening. Oddly enough, they decided to make me wait and send it back to Memphis for a visit with Elvis or something I guess. Odd. Have any odd FedEx or UPS shipping stories? Share! (OOPS. Finally fixed the link. Sorry.)