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January 29, 2004

Download music free over the Internet!

Well if you drink Pepsi at least. Check out the commercial that's going to air on the Superbowl. Oh yeah, I'm going to the Superbowl too. Can I say Superbowl on here or do I have to say The Big Game like all those cheesy advertisers who don't want to get sued. Well I'm saying it. I'm going to the Superbowl. There, I've done it now.

January 28, 2004

Brewer 2.0

@ 1:15am.

January 27, 2004

Oh the humanity!

image009 Someone trashed their G5 to make a windows box. Sad. Very very sad. Cool... but sad.

January 24, 2004

Today is the official 20th Birthday of the Macintosh.

Happy Birthday Mac! Now finally will people stop referring it to the McIntosh? Jag's House has some nice links. This is the summary.

Mix one part Howard Dean...

One part 3rd place in Iowa, and one part Apple's Garage Band... what do you get? This! Or this! Or this! Caner Ozdemir has collected 'em all.

January 19, 2004

Pornwadee and Laksmono, Sitting in a Tree

We've all seen those lists of the most popular baby names. But what about the least popular?

January 18, 2004

Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes

Now you can learn Chinese in 5 minutes. Learn phrases like: Small Horse In Chinese it's ( say outloud): Tai Ni Po Ni

January 10, 2004

Spy Pen USB

mspypen.jpg It's a high quality pen with built-in hidden USB flash drive.

January 8, 2004

Comcast Doubles Your Speed! (Or does it?)

Apparently, sometime over the last month, Comcast in the Boston area doubled the upload and download speeds of our broadband connection. Cool eh? I thought so, so I ran over to dslreports.com to run a test to see how far the connection is. Oddly enough, it was no better that before... 1.5 megabits. So I called the pleasant and helpful tech support representative from Comcast who told me I need to power-cycle the cable modem... (that means turn it on and off) and all will be well. So I shut down my cable modem, and the router and waiting the prescribed 60 seconds (actually I only waited 20 seconds) and turned the cable modem back on. Then I turned the router back on after the cable modem lights were steady and low and behold, any where from 2750 to 2959 kpbs connection speed. WOW! Also uploads are at 256ish. So basically, I've had this speed increase for a while and no one ever told me to reset my cable modem. Anyway, it's wicked pissa fast, as we say around here. Go restart your cable moment and share your results! (Oh, there are a number of speed tests available on the net but the one above works both on my Windows box and my Mac OS X system running Safari.) Apparently, this is almost a month old and I just missed it cause I've been sleep deprived. I hope it helps someone.

January 7, 2004

Oh sure... blame Canada.

Tests Show U.S. Mad Cow Was Canadian-Born

January 6, 2004

I need some music

I need some music suggestions! I am sort of in a rut w/ my current CDs and need some new blood to change things around. I received a $70 gift certificate at the iTunes Music Store so whatcha think... any ideas? From off the wall to Top 40... bring it on. [apparently it helps to turn on the comments section]

Jonathan is 41.

Ooh, a prime number! Happy birthday Jonathan.

It's Apple Day.

At noon today, EST, Apple Computer will announce a bunch of new stuff at MacWorld Expo San Francisco. Stay tuned! The top user spent $29,500 on iTunes so far. Oh my god. 25,000 photos in new iPhoto w/ no waiting! Steve says: "I'm gonna go get a woody." Heh heh... he said woody.

January 5, 2004

Noam is 30.

Apparently, they stole the skates too.

I guess stealing cell phones wasn't the only thing taken. A few days later, I realized the Grinch (shall we call him "Grinchester"?) also stole hockey skates... my new ones which had yet to be worn. I hope they create endless blisters and broken ankles. Happy belated holidays.

January 4, 2004

Finally Saw LOTR:ROTK

That's Lord of the Rings, Return of the King for those not in the know. Really good. Really really good. And when asked if I thought it was "as good as #2 or #1", I realized there's no need to compare. It's all one movie and not an after thought piece of crap like that Matrix "sequel" - blech.

January 3, 2004

Enough of Parcells

Anyone else watching the Dallas / Panthers game tonight? ABC is talking about the 'Boys and Parcells like they walk on water and ignore the fact, that (a) they're getting their asses kicked by the Panthers and (b) the Panthers were a 1-15 team only two years ago. What else do they need to do to get some attention? Anyway, Parcells is nothing in comparison to this years AP Coach of the Year, Bill Belichick.

January 2, 2004

Finally saw Matrix Revolutions last night.

It sucked. This is a clear case of Episodes 2 & 3 should have been combined into one movie. Too much cheese caused people in the audience to start yelling "more fight scenes!" and even the fight scenes were boring. You were just waiting for it to end. Boring.

An iBox from Apple?

Gizmodo has this:
MacOSX.com is reporting that Apple is working on the iBox, a standalone digital media hub which is said to have a DVD burner and a 120GB hard drive that can record TV shows like a TiVo, wirelessly stream audio and video off of a Mac, play MP3s with a special version of iTunes, and organize and view your digital photos with a special version of iPhoto.
Whoa! I want a DVD burner for my Mac, and a TiVo for upstairs. Hmm, I wonder what I'll do when the new box, with a DVR from Comcast, comes out.

January 1, 2004

Favorite Gameboy SP game at the moment.

It's fun. It's addictive. It's a little bit Mario, it's a little bit Zelda, and it's a little bit Pokemon. It's a lotta bit taking up my time. And ebgames has it on sale for $19.99 at the moment. Buy it. Play it. Share your thoughts.

Best Christmas Card Ever.

Hands down, best picture ever! Click on it for the full, legible picture!

Happy New Year.

Resolutions... 1. Post on my blog everyday. 2. Floss more. 3. Go to the gym more. 4. Eat less beef. 5. Eat more fish. 6. Eat more in general. 7. Spend more time w/ kids. 8. My kids. 9. Work harder, not smarter. 10. Make less lists.