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July 27, 2006

*N Sync singer Lance Bass says he is gay.

*N Sync singer Lance Bass says he is gay.

Um, duh?

July 23, 2006

Spot 5 Errors in the pictures

Test and improve your visual awareness. The game presents two very similar photos and a time limit to spot the differences.

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July 19, 2006

Is your Windows systems slow to log-off or shutdown?

Microsoft has a utility called UPHClean which helps unload the user session quickly and completely at log-off or shutdown. I've tried it and it's significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to shutdown my laptop at the end of the day.

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Apple's Q3 2006 Financial Results Are In! 2nd Best In Company History!

MacRumors posts a recap of the results and the ensuing conference call. The basics: Apple posted revenue of $4.37 billion and a net quarterly profit of $472 million or $.54 per diluted share. In general, they beat street estimates. Woot!

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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Preview

The minute long Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Preview debuted last night on the SciFi channel. Watch it now on YouTube. October is so far away. Much too far!!! But Weeds starts next month and Eureka is supposed to be good too!

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Open DNS Free Service - Pros & Cons Debated

OpenDNS is a new start up that wants users to redirect web traffic through its DNS nameservers, where an unusually large cache and an aggregated list of sites deemed guilty of phishing will make our web surfing faster and safer. It's free and as simple as changing your DNS address from your ISP and to OpenDNS, but a number of serious concerns...

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Google Not A "One Trick Pony" Search

Google Tips and Tricks. Nice concise listing of the google operators. For example a google search for "1 mile in feet" will return "5 280 feet", or "safesearch: sex education" will omit adult oriented sites.

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Deal of the day: MacBook Pro for $1,650

Today only: Here's one for those who've been waiting to catch a break on Apple's MacBook Pro. Amazon, which already sells the notebook for $200 less than Apple, is offering a $150 mail-in rebate. But the deal expires Tuesday. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000BNLC3K/bavp-20

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(I think it expired... doh!)

July 18, 2006

Ford Commercial Hell (aka Taylor Hicks, please shut up.)

Myc News-V3
If you watch the Red Sox on NESN in the Boston area, you know exactly what I am talking about. Every commercial break during each and every Sox game broadcast, they air the Ford "Possibilities" advertisement with Amercian Idol's Taylor Hicks singing the least catchiest jingle in broadcast history. Sometimes you get the commercial twice in one break. It's pathetic and is making watching NESN close to unbearable. Can't their ad sales people get some additional sponsors? It's the Red Sox... all we can get is Ford and Toyota Summer clearance every break? At least the Toyota ads don't make you scream "IT'S BURNSES" every time you see or hear one.

New Gmail Feature!

Gmail has finally added the ability to "take action" (aka mark as read, delete, etc.) on greater than one page of email at a time. I, amongst many others if you search the Google Gmail Groups, have been clamoring for this feature for a long time. Their help page describes how to do it. Thanks Google for finally putting this in. My boxes w/ 7000 or so of unread messages also thank you.

July 17, 2006

Breathe new life into OS X Safari

Add functionality to OS X Safari. Firefox hasn't won the the browser war yet and the following examples offer functionality to rival that found in Firefox's range of available extensions.

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New Yahoo! Homepage

Yahoo! has launched their new home page. It's nice. I wish they'd update the My.Yahoo.com page as it's feeling as dated as the last time the Yankees won the World Series... which, if my memory serves me, was some time right around the turn of the century. Damn... that does sound like a long time.

Heh... it's happy iCal Day!

As Steve pointed out via Digg, it's National iCal Day - the day that matches iCal's default icon. Woot!

MySpace Ringtones!

If you're a band, Jivjiv now lets you sell your ringtones on MySpace! It's really cool. Just set up a store (it's free!) and sell your ringtones, and heck, make a little money.