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January 29, 2007

Apple pays $700,000 for bloggers' legal fees... ouch!

Bloggers and online journalists have completed their final victory lap in a protracted fight against iPod maker Apple Inc. Earlier this month, a Santa Clara County Court ordered Apple to pay the legal

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January 26, 2007

OS X Browser Shortcut Cheat Sheet

The Apple Blog has a great cheat sheet for Firefox and Safari for OS X. Enjoy.

Apple makes your MacBook thinner... By putting Optical Drive underneath

Apple has an idea of how to make your ultraportable Mac Book much thinner and smaller. Let's put the Optical Disc Drive on the bottom of the notebook. And it isn't as stupid as it sounds.

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Top Ten Hacks on Flickr.

Very Cool... the Top Ten Hacks on Flickr.

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which seems to be broken....

January 25, 2007

Super Mario Brothers Race


January 24, 2007


January 19, 2007

Ruby on Rails 1.2 released!

Get out your party balloons and funny hats because we’re there, baby. Yes, sire, Rails 1.2 is finally available in all it’s glory. It took a little longer than we initially anticipated to get everything lined up (and even then we had a tiny snag that bumped us straight from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 before this announcement even had time to be written).

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Photo Snow Globes - Make Your Own in 15 Minutes!

Cool tutorial on Photojojo by Liz Slagus of Eyebeam, shows you how to make your own snow globe using one of your photos. Cool gift or project idea. I am so doing this w/ the boys next weekend!

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January 18, 2007

Does Sudafed PE actually work?

Sudafed Pe

I've had this horrible head cold for three straight days now. Sudafed had to put it's old Pseudoephedrine-based product behind the counter of the pharmacy due to abuse. Seriously? Dude... I want to get TOTALLY decongested tonight... let's drop six boxes of the little red pills. I look at their FAQ but nothing was written about if this new PE stuff actually works and so far, I'd have to say no. I am still region's #3 phlegm producer. Bah!

MacGourmet 2: The Best Way to Collect Recipes on Your Mac

The latest version of MacGourmet was released last week with a new UI and improved features. This details some of those improvements, which hopefully others will find interesting. I've known the author for 10+ years... this new release rocks. Congrats Mike!

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January 17, 2007

Uproar over latest MOAB vulnerability #16. Proof of malicious acts?

It seems KF and LMH of MOAB went to great lengths to "test" their latest exploit before posting it. Around 10pm PST, many users of the Colloquy IRC client began dropping off the freenode network as KF and LMH "tested" their malicious script on real users. Linked is a discussion with proof that they originally attacked the #macdev channel.

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January 9, 2007

How to change the name of the computer in OS X.

Yeah, I know this is simple and about once a year I have to do it and always forget how to do it. So I figured if I blogged about it, maybe I'd actually remember it, or remember that I can search my own blog. :-)

In OS X (that's on Macintosh computers in case you've been living in a cave...)

Go to: System Preferences
Chose: Sharing
Field labeled: Computer Name

Change the name. Close the window.


Ruby... Rails... Install... Problems... Solutions...

Today I installed Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and all related items on my Machine. It was a mostly painless process due to some great guidance from Christopher. However, we did run into one problem when trying to install the MySQL API module for Ruby. When running make from the command line, I experienced a number of errors starting with mysql.c:2018: error: 'ulong' undeclared (first use in this function). Ick. So thanks to a Google search, I found myself at nano Rails - a site dedicated to development, testing, and hosting of Ruby on Rails. Great stuff and this page solved my problem. (I had to add '#include "my_global.h"' to mysql.c (as the first #include) before I executed the make command.) So simple and boom, it worked! Thanks Pascal!


Dsc 0182

January 8, 2007

Check out http: neave.tv

I bunch of short films, music videos, etc are at Neave.tv - and they use this really cool full-screen Flash interface. (Found at a write-up of the Boston Media Makers meeting.)

January 6, 2007

Waiting Rooms w/ Free Wireless.

Chblogo Tagline

So if you happen to be stuck in the waiting room for Newton Wellesley Urgent Care in Waltham (or the Children's Hospital West) they have free patient WiFi. "Welcome to the Children's Hospital Patient and Family Wireless Hotspot. To access the wireless system you must read and accept the terms and conditions by clicking the Accept Terms button below." I accepted them. I'm crazy like that.

Why don't all doctor's office offer this? Steve would approved.

January 4, 2007

Easily mispronounced domain names: What are your favorites?


and more!

Check it out!

January 2, 2007

Amazing Baby Room.

Jeff Paradiso, his wife Kim, and Russel have done it again! Wait, have they done it before? Well probably many times. They hand painted Russell and Christina's room for the birth of their pending child... (odds on it being named Joshua anyone?) Check out the rest of the pictures on FunOnAStick.

Crw 4514 - Version 2-2-Tm


No, not Jivjiv. The JibJab guys, who caught lightning in a bottle with their first Flash Movie This Land, seem to have finally hit another one for at least a double or triple. Check out Nuckin' Futs... A Jibjab Year in Review.

January 1, 2007

No New Years Post.

I received a few comments from people wondering why I didn't have an entry about the new year... something along the lines of trying to post every day, blah blah blah. I tried that before. It wasn't be successful... so I'll just have to try to post occasionally, regardless of any calendar change. Oh wait, I just noticed I can backdate this. Ok, ignore everything I just posted. I actually posted this on January 1st! Happy new year! - And no, it's not Happy New Years - duh.