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November 21, 2007

Zenfolio (and Smugmug too) Export Plugins for Lightroom Now Release!

Zenfolio Logo

Plugins for Zenfolio and Lightroom are now available at Jeffrey Friedl's site.


Thanks Jeffrey!

November 10, 2007

Zenfolio launches their premium services!

Zenfolio Logo

Full details at Zenfolio.com

November 10, 2007
Turn your passion into a business with the Zenfolio Premium plan

As many of you know, we have been hard at work on a new Premium subscription plan, and it is finally here. Big thank you goes to our Beta testers who provided the feedback and helped us put the polish on.

The Premium plan lets you create a fully-functional Web store with customizable look-and-feel and flexible price lists. Here are the highlights:
Create price lists of products by adding markups to base lab prices

The price lists can be assigned to individual photos or entire galleries. This process is completely transparent to clients, who experience the ease and simplicity of ordering prints and other products, and receive a package delivered directly from the lab.
You can use our partner labs or your own

In addition to fulfilling products through Zenfolio partner labs, photographers have a choice of creating and fulfilling their own custom products. Zenfolio Premium subscribers can offer products fulfilled through any lab of their choice, or they can print photos themselves.
Apply custom Watermarks to photos for extra protection

Create and assign custom watermarks with full control over placement and opacity. Supported watermark file formats include JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG with transparency. Original uploaded photos are not watermarked so they can be used for ordering prints.
Replace Zenfolio logo and name with your own

For additional visitor page customization you can replace Zenfolio logo and links with your own name to make it look more personalized. This powerful option makes the site look yours with a click of a button. Combine that with using your own domain name and you have a branded Web store with all the benefits of Zenfolio under your name.
Use Coupons for extra marketing help and promotions

You can create your own coupons including percent-off and amount-based discounts with expiration dates, specified number of uses, and order minimums.
Detailed sales reports

Review and download detailed sales reports compatible with any spreadsheet program. Reports include Orders, Products, Customers, Coupons, and Photos based on any time period and sorted any way you want.
Unlimited storage with individual file uploads up to 24MB each

Zenfolio Premium plan subscribers can upload files up to 24MB each to support super large print sizes. And, of course, there is no storage or bandwidth limit.

The Zenfolio Premium subscription plan is priced at USD$100 per year. Until December 31, 2007, current and new users can sign up for the Zenfolio Premium plan at the special discounted price of USD$80 per year. This special price will stay with you for as long as you remain a subscriber.

For orders fulfilled through the Zenfolio partner labs, there is a service fee of 12% which includes credit card transaction fees and customer service. For custom orders fulfilled and charged by photographers directly, the service fee is 6%.
Try before you Buy

All current Zenfolio users, including Basic and Unlimited subscribers, will have access to all the Premium features until November 30, 2007. This allows you to try before deciding to upgrade. NOTE: if you do not upgrade by November 30, the Premium features will be automatically removed from your account along with any related items you create during the trial, e.g. watermarks, price lists, custom products.

November 6, 2007

I don't even know how to describe how cool this is.

Just go there.


And wait like 5 seconds.

Thanks Bostonist!

A photo I took just got named Photo of the Day at Bostonist.com... cool!

Newport lighthouse and a great sky.

November 1, 2007

How to tell when your buying from Amazon directly or via a 3rd party?

If you like to shop from Amazon but like dealing with them directly, here's how you can confirm you're buying from them and not a third party.

It's actually quite simple, when you look at the item page, such as here (click on the image):


See the line above I've highlighted and put a giant orange arrow? That's the line you want to be reading. As long as it says "Ships and sold by Amazon.com" you're in good shape.

Usually items are sold both by Amazon and 3rd parties - see the "More Buying Choices" section to in the right hand column? In the above picture, those are all 3rd parties. However, look at this picture (again, click on the image):


In this example, this item is sold by a 3rd party - see the yellow highlighted "availability" line above? However, it's also available directly from Amazon.com at a higher price - see the right hand column more buying choices. Some third parties are completely reputable but some are not. In this case, you could still choose Amazon as your seller by clicking on their link on the right, you'd pay a bit more, but shipping would be free. Due to a rash of counterfeit memory cards flooding the market on ebay and even Amazon 3rd parties, it's become more important than every to make sure you're buying directly from a reputable dealer.

Good luck!