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February 29, 2008

All the Haikus...

I had a little impromptu Haiku of the Day contest yesterday... while I was at the dentist... here are the ones that people entered:

Jacky (aka Boy-Jacky, Taco, Jacobo, Supreme Being):

I heard these words ring:
"I've never been so fulfilled."
That is what she said.

An epiphany
Hits me like a ton of bricks
Epiphanies hurt

Your lips press softly
A passionate kiss lingers
It tastes like burning


fresh teeth are happy
when old with real teeth happy
clean teeth each day

mushy blackened teeth
rotting in their gummy holes
oy, take better care


women are crazy
Definitely a Fact
Women are crazy

(yes, I am aware of the fact that this doesn't fit the "standard" haiku form of 5/7/5, but it was too enjoyable to disqualify.)


Work will slowly kill
Meetings emails just won’t stop
Is it Friday yet?


Post-Its on my desk
Rain on me when there's a breeze
work consumes my thoughts

How am I overcome
Daily routine shatters me
Bring me back five years

I was going to try to choose a favorite, but honestly, I think they're all great so all the entrants have earned a beer next time we're at a bar together. :-)

February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Lego

February 5, 2008

Not a new video, but a great one.